Saturday, 14 Jul 2018
Author: Roberta Fleming

A Brief History of Dice

A Brief History of Dice Dice have become synonymous with gambling games, and anyone who has ever played Craps or Sic Bo will tell you just how exciting it is watching the roll of them, and waiting to see if you’re a winner. But dice are not a new invention, and just like games of […]

Weird and Wacky Gambling Superstitions

Weird and Wacky Gambling Superstitions We’ve covered loads of different gambling superstition for different games from all over the world, but one thing we haven’t done is looked at the truly weird an wacky ones that are out there. Wear a Phallus Around Your Neck Wait, what? Yes you read that right! In Thailand a […]

Roulette Myths

Roulette Myths Roulette is a game of chance and all casino games of this type will definitely encourage people to try and beat the system using various so-called “strategies”. Sleeping Numbers The roulette wheel spins at random, there is nothing controlling it and the same can be said for the roulette ball.  Picking a roulette […]

Las Vegas Gambling History

A Brief History of Las Vegas Casinos When gambling was first made legal in 1931 in Las Vegas, few could’ve predicted just how popular the city would become for its casinos. Today, there are over 250 casinos in Las Vegas and 15 of the 25 largest hotels in the world – based on room count […]

Famous Athletes From The Ancient World

Famous Athletes From The Ancient World When we look at the sports of today, it’s not hard to find an athlete that hasn’t become world-famous. In an age where globalisation allows us to follow the news on every sport that takes place on any given day, it’s no surprise that there plenty of sports stars […]

A Brief Timeline of Soccer History

A Brief Timeline of Soccer History Even though soccer is the most played and most watched sport in the world, there is no precise time and place that can be pinpointed as it’s exact origins. Judging by the timeline below, it would seem that soccer developed through the ages based on the games local people […]

A Brief History of Tennis

A Brief History of Tennis from Jeu de Paume To Today Dating as far back as the 12th century, tennis evolved from the game of jeu de paume which was played by many ancient civilisations including the Greeks and Romans. With bare hands, players would hit the ball to one another, and rackets were only […]

Poker Superstitions

Superstition in Poker Poker is a game of skill, which means that poker players can influence the outcome of their hands using skill and various strategies.  But luck also plays a part in all casino games, even skill based games.  Even professional poker players have bad days when they say the cards are “cold”.  Many […]

Ridiculous Sports Myths People Actually Believe

Ridiculous Sports Myths People Actually Believe From Greek and Roman Gods, to stories of shootouts in the Wild West, there are many stories that have been carried through the ages passed off as truth, when in fact they are just myths and legends. However, this doesn’t stop many people from believing them. Myths hold a […]

Earliest Origins of Gambling

The Earliest Recorded History of Gambling Today, gambling is among the biggest pastime industries in the world. All across the globe, billions of people partake in different forms of gambling, and it’s difficult to imagine a world where gambling isn’t an every day activity. This wasn’t always the case, however, and although gambling has been […]