Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Biggest Poker Wins Ever

When it comes to any casino game, the victory plays a huge part in attracting players – poker is no different. Poker players have the option to earn quite the return on the investment, mainly when coming into the world tournaments offering amazing prize pots. We’re talking about making tens of millions by winning a tournament, how mind-blowing is that?

We have seen tournaments grow to be an online phenomenon, making it less complicated than ever for people throughout the globe to take part without having to travel to America or across the globe to compete. As a result, we have considered some hefty cheques issued to the winners of tournaments in the closing few years and we’re here to share them with you.

The Biggest Online Poker Tournament Win

The largest web-based win occurred at the 2010 Online Poker World Championship. The match had a buy-in of $5,200, featured 2443 players and on the day, Tyson Marks won $2.3 million. The whole prize pool was $12.22 million.

2014 WSOP Tournament

This match took place in 2014 from 5-11 July with 6683 contributors and a prize pool of $62.8 million, with the last nine players regrouping in November to compete for the grand prize. First went to Martin Jacobson who took $10 million. In second was Felix Stephensen who walked away with $5.15 million.

2006 WSOP Tournament

This tournament has been dubbed the largest to date with 8,773 participants and a prize pool of $82,512,162. Jamie Gold was declared the tournament winner and went home with with $12 million, while runner up Paul Wasicka received $6.1 million.

2014 Big One for One Drop

This one featured 42 players and a prize pool of $37.3 million. Dan Colman got first place and walked away with $15.3 million while second place went to Daniel Negreanu and had him taking home $8.29 million. This took Negreanu’s complete winnings to $37.3 million and put him at the top of the All-Time Money List.

2018 Big One for One Drop

This event took Daniel Negreanu off of the All-Time Money List as Justin Bonomo took first place with $10 million, taking his whole live winnings to $43 million and pushing him to the top of the All-Time Money List.

2012 Big One for One Drop

This tournament features the biggest payout to date and is as lucrative as playing casino slots in Dubai. With 48 participants and a prize pool of $42.67 million. Antonio Esfandiari had the largest win, winning $18.35 million and making history as the greatest single payout.

While these are purely a few of some of the best wins to date, it provides a clear indication of simply how much you could win if you took a leap of faith and entered one of the many tournaments available. There are also so many games accessible and platforms on hand to host these tournaments, that it more available than ever before to play in a tournament.