Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Bizarre Things You Can Bet On

The world of betting can be a strange one, with prop bets in play, you never know what sort of bets you may see next. Prop bets in sports aren’t always the strangest thing out there, as there is a world of betting which pushes away from the ordinary. These are some of the strangest bets that you can make online right now.

The End Of Days

Possibly one of the strangest bets available, when the world will end. This bet has punters wager on when the world will end. It’s not just when the world will end, but how, too. Think zombies will arise and end mankind before 2050?

There is a bet for that. Maybe the sun will swell early and swallow the earth in the next 20 years? There is a bet for that too. Bettors who make use of these bets obviously see the humour in it and treat it as a game, hopefully none of them are serious, as collecting your prize may be difficult in a post human apocalypse.

Conspiracy Deaths

Do you believe that a celebrity has faked their own death and went into hiding? Maybe Elvis or Tupac are still alive somewhere out there. While an ordinary person may not pay this any attention, there is a category of betting which focuses on exactly this. The odds are insane, with a fortune to be won if you are right about a thought deceased celebrity still being alive. As you can imagine, nobody has been right on this account yet.

Celebrity Death Pools

Everybody has heard of celebrity death pools, but it was always a question if they actually exist or not. Well, they exist. In the case of Doug Stanhope’s celebrity death pool, they seem to be thriving. One would think that they are just a joke, but the detail they go into is fascinating. When it comes to predicting the passing of a celebrity, things like accolades and awards count towards your total pool points.

It’s not only the typical definition of celebrities either, but there are also religious leaders, politicians, convicted criminals and even poets. Then we get to one of the strangest parts. It’s not just betting in which year they will die, but how and where, too. Will they die in country or abroad? Will they die from natural causes or something else? Celebrity death pools may very well be the strangest form of betting out there.

Intelligent Life

Intelligent extra-terrestrial life is a difficult topic to discuss at the best of times. Is there even other life out there, be it intelligent or not? There is a whole category of betting based around the existence of intelligent life out there.

When, where and how we discover aliens, if we ever do, is a hot topic for betting. There is some contention to the topic, as a lot of people claim that we have found said life already, although claiming your prize is likely not going to happen without a decent amount of proof of alien life.