Monday, 2 Oct 2023
Category: Gambling History

Earliest Origins of Gambling

The Earliest Recorded History of Gambling Today, gambling is among the biggest pastime industries in the world. All across the globe, billions of people partake in different forms of gambling, and it’s difficult to imagine a world where gambling isn’t an every day activity. This wasn’t always the case, however, and although gambling has been […]

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A Brief History of the Word Casino

A Brief History of the Word Casino The term casino in the context of a place of gambling has only come into use relatively recently. Before then places where people got together for games of chance could possibly have existed under a variety of names. Humanity generally underestimates past cultures when it comes to how […]

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A Brief History Of Playing Cards

A Brief History Of Playing Cards Playing cards have remained unchanged for hundreds of years but they had their origins stretch back almost a thousand years. Let’s look at the journey they have taken through time and geographical locations. An Early Start In Asia It is widely believed that card games originated in China, as […]

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How Did Poker Become So Popular

The Origins of The Game of Poker Visit any casino or watch any film or piece of media related to gambling, and without a doubt, someone will mention or play poker at some point. Poker has become one of the most popular card games in the world, only second to blackjack, but famous enough to […]

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History of The Monte Carlo Casino

History of The Monte Carlo Casino Almost everyone who has ever gambled in a casino, or knows anything about casinos has heard of the Monte Carlo in Monaco. Known as the world’s premier casino destination, the beautiful old gaming hall has a long and interesting history worthy of its worldly reputation.

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The Evolution of Roulette

The Origins and Evolution of Roulette  Roulette is without a doubt one of the most popular casino games amongst both land based and online players, and once you’ve placed your first bet it’s easy to understand why! While most will be intimately familiar with the iconic roulette wheel which contains the numbers 1-36 in the […]

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History of Gambling in Australia

The History of Gambling in Australia

It is estimated that 80% of the Australian population participates in gambling in one form or another, and with numbers as high as this it’s obvious that gambling has a long and well-established history in the country. In fact, it’s the highest rate of gambling in the world! With this in mind we’ve put together […]

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History of Gambling in Australia and New Zealand

A Brief History of Gambling in NZ and Oz

Australia and New Zealand may in close proximity and have many similarities but they are still two different countries with some differences when it comes to gambling laws and such. Gambling first came to Australia over 100 hundred years ago with European settlers. At first it was betting on horse racing, then lotteries came about, […]

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Blackjack History

The Untold History Of Blackjack

When it comes to the history of any one particular subject there are a lot of theories floating about as to how and why the idea was born. We can dissect books and look back through the ages for answers, however I really do believe that anything’s history is intertwined with another’s, meaning that one […]

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Slot Machine History

A Brief History of the Slot Machine

Legal Slots has stated that the term by which these games are known was first used to describe all automatic vending machines, as well as gambling devices in general. It was not actually until the 20th century that this term started being restricted to the games, as we know them today. The terms fruit machine […]

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