Monday, 2 Oct 2023

The Most Common Lucky Items

Common Lucky Items

There are various types of gambling superstitions, ranging from the silly and harmless, all the way through to the strange and unusual. Regardless of what form a gambling superstition takes, however, all are more or less aimed at the same basic thing; having good luck in a favourite casino game, or in bet making. Whatever your personal superstition is okay with us, and we hope it brings you loads of luck.

One of the most common superstitions, however, is having a small object, one which brings good luck to the holder. The good luck item is carried when participating in casino games or bet making, and the key to persuading lady luck into being in a good mood.  Here are some of the most common lucky charm items found around the world.

The Rabbits Foot Charm

The lucky rabbits foot dates back centuries, and is, worldwide, one of the most common items associated with bringing good luck. Of course, in the old days it was a real rabbits foot, stuffed and a sold as a lucky charm. It was not used strictly for casino games or betting, but was still carried by many as an item that granted positive outcomes to the holder. Many mystics and fortune tellers were commonly known to have a lucky rabbits foot of their own, and sell them to visitors.

Today a lucky rabbits foot can still be bought from many vendors, but will more often than not be artificial. Being artificial does not seem to have lessened the good luck granting powers, however, as the items are incredibly popular and sell well.

Magical Four Leafed Clovers

“The Luck of The Irish” is a well-known phrase, and is associated with many good luck charms and symbols. Everyone knows the story of the leprechaun and his mysterious pot of gold, and a great many slot games and other casino games use the leprechaun’s image. But there is another item, often seen in the same category as the leprechaun, and often held as a good luck charm. The four leafed clover.

Real four leafed clovers are not that easy to come by, but a number of variations of the symbol can be bought all over the internet. Often seen as a key ring decoration, and even as a lucky tattoo, the four leafed clover seems to be one of lady lucks most favoured symbols. Many modern casino goers and bet makers still hold the symbol in high regard. So, if you’re looking to get lucky in the t20 cricket betting season, maybe look into adopting a lucky four leafed clover of your own.

Mystical Horse Shoes

Another extremely common lucky charm is the horseshoe, also commonly seen as a reoccurring theme in casino game imagery. The lucky horse shoe superstition dates back centuries, stemming from the belief that finding a horse shoe on a path, and picking it up, would bring good luck.

Of course, horseshoes are a bit clumsy and heavy to carry around, certainly not as convenient as a lucky penny. So the modern version can also be seen in the form of key ring decorations, trinkets, tattoos, and other less cumbersome forms.