Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Common Superstitions In The Gambling World

Superstition And Bad Luck in The Gambling World

What we know as modern gambling is not a new invention, and has in fact been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Historians have found traces of gambling in ancient civilisations all over the world, including the ancient Romans, Egyptians, China, and South America. There’s no denying that it’s had a huge impact on the humanity, and today it’s bigger than ever.

We’ve come a long way since the first fruit machines took off, and even older games like poker have changed and evolved and become digitized. It seems, however, that no matter how much games move more into the future, there are many out there who simply can’t shake the many superstitions that have become a part of the gambling culture.

Whether it’s hitting the local blackjack table or enjoying online slots real money Canada, superstitions are important to many people, and have a very real effect on how gamblers experience different games. These are some of the most common bad luck superstitions in the gambling world.

Common Unlucky Superstitions

  • Broken Mirror: This is a superstition that is prolific in all walks of life, not just in gambling. People believe that merely being in the presence of a broken mirror can bring plenty of bad luck – made even worse if you’re the one that breaks the mirror.
  • Black Cats: Black cats have long been tied to bad luck and evil omens. This can be traced as far back as medieval Europe, where the Black Plague was decimating the population. Many blamed cats, especially the black cat due to their supposed ties to witchcraft. This would happen again during the witch trials almost 300 years later.

  • The Colour Black: Another common superstition, you may notice the next time you visit a casino that the real enthusiasts will not being wearing any black whatsoever. Many believe that black is an inherent precursor to bad luck, and going to a casino wearing any times of black clothing can have a serious impact on how you perform that day.
  • Dogs: Dogs are also considered quite unlucky, especially if they’re black, and much more so if they’re actually at the table while people are playing.

Common Chinese Unlucky Superstitions

  • Touching Shoulders: Gambling has always been a big part of traditional Chinese culture, and many of the modern games we find the west can trace their origin back to China. The Chinese have plenty of their own superstitions, including the one involving touching shoulders. It’s believed that touching shoulders with another person can bring back luck, and is avoided at all costs at Chinese casinos.
  • Counting Money: Another big no-no in China. Counting money at the end of a successful game is said to bring heaps of bad luck to future games. This one is so prevalent, in fact, that it can be found in many other parts of the world.
  • The Main Entrance: Entering through the main entrance of a casino is another good way of adding some bad luck to your games. This is an extremely popular superstition that has many all over the world looking for alternate entrances.

Superstitions will always be a part of gambling, and as long as there’s no way to prove that luck does or doesn’t truly exist, there’s no harm in having a little belief in forces beyond what we can see and feel.