Sunday, 24 Sep 2023

Debunking Baccarat’s Biggest Myths and Rumours

It might be known for its reputation as a glamorous, exclusive casino game enjoyed by the rich and famous, but baccarat is surprisingly widespread and easy to learn. All you need to do is place your money on one of three simple bets – the banker, the player, or a tie – and you could stand a chance to win!

Because of this easy to play nature and its highly entertaining and exciting action, baccarat has naturally gained popularity fairly rapidly with gamblers across the world. Of course, as it has become more popular, the title has also become more enigmatic, prompting people to start sharing myths and rumours around it. Here are some of the most common, and the truth behind them.

#1: You Can Win by Tracking Patterns

Some people believe wholeheartedly that you can win a game of baccarat by finding and adhering to certain patterns in its gameplay. However, this simply isn’t possible because the title is one that relies purely on chance. Thus, it doesn’t matter if the banker has won 8 times in a row; the next round will give every bet the same, fixed chance of winning as always. The banker does win more often than the player bet purely because of its higher edge, but rest assured that the outcome of your rounds will always be totally unpredictable.

#2: Card Counting is Reliable

In the past, many blackjack players have become famous (or infamous) for their abilities to count cards with a certain degree of success. Considering that blackjack and baccarat both use the same playing cards, many players assume that card counting could also bring them success in baccarat.

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case because of a few key differences between the games. In blackjack, any used cards will be returned to the shoe, and this is the feature that allows for card counting. You are also able to change your wager in the middle of a round, which allows you to take advantage of an advantageous card count. In baccarat, however, these features are not present, so card counting will give you no advantage whatsoever against the house.

#3: Baccarat Systems are Flawless

Being a game of chance like Australian eSports betting, baccarat has no system or strategy to it that can definitively guarantee you a win. Most experts think that baccarat systems are largely a waste of time due to the fact that skill does not play much of a role in the outcomes of this game. In this particular case, it’s better to use your intuition and wager smartly than it is to spend your cash on following specialised systems – but feel free to test them out on free online games if you wish!

#4: This Game Doesn’t Suit Profit Players

If you are the kind of casino player with profit and winning on your mind, you might have heard the rumour that baccarat is not the game for you. However, we are happy to tell you that this is nothing more than a myth! Every casino game around, including baccarat, has a set house edge, and this title happens to have one of the lowest house edges of any of them.

Because of this, it actually offers you better odds of winning than many of its peers, including popular games of chance like slots and roulette. Simply put, if you want high winning odds and a game that is based purely on luck, this is the one to play!