Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Why Are Ghosts Drawn to Casinos?

Why Are Ghosts Drawn to Casinos?

While ghost stories can be found in many settings, casinos seem to have always had a special draw for them. Perhaps it’s the excitement and activity or maybe just the pretty lights.

There have been numerous accounts of ghosts walking the halls of Indian casinos, rumour abound where known mobsters ran the casinos, it seems that due to the many illicit activities surrounding land based casinos, they just become a hotbed for spiritual activity. Let’s look at some of the most famous haunted casinos.

  1. The Luxor

With its ancient Egyptian aesthetic it should be no surprise that the Luxor draws the attention of many conspiracy theorists and ghost hunters. While the Luxor is a relatively new casino, it has seen string of mysterious happenings that management has tried to keep under wraps. During construction work in the 90’s there were a series of near fatal accidents. Though only one death was recorded the strange events were enough to see the workers never want to return to the site again after their contract finished.

There have also been a host of suicides thanks to the resort portion of the Luxor stretching up multiple stories. And to top it all off there was even an incident with a car bomb that killed a patron of the casino right in the Luxor’s parking garage.

  1. The Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingos casino is an iconic venue in Vegas that has been part of the town for many many years. It sealed its place in infamy when the notorious mobster, Bugsy Siegel was shot down in front of the venue.

Now the venue is said to be haunted by the man that played such an integral role in its success. Bugsy is mostly seen in the Presidential suite and poolside late at night but one employee of the venue reportedly resigned after she saw the mobster wander the halls. Ghost sightings are not the kind of problem you will ever face at Lucky Nugget Casino Canada.

  1. Bally’s Resort And Casino

On the tragic date of 21 November 1980, a fire raged through the former MGM Grand hotel. 80 people lost their lives that night with tales of desperate patrons leaping out of the windows to escape the flames.

The site was converted into the Bally’s Casino and resort but it seems the spirits remained as people still report strange sightings on the 19th to the 24th floor.

  1. Circus Circus

While the circus theme alone might be enough to put a lot of gamblers off, this famed venue has had a long history. It has seen numerous owners with numerous reports of mob dealings as previous owners have always struggled making the venue profitable in its early days.

Reports on the goings on in the casino have ranged from threatening messages written on bathroom mirrors to screams and strange moans emanating from the first and second floors.

  1. The Bullock Hotel And Casino

The town of Deadwood hosts the Bullock Hotel and Casino. The town was founded in 1886 and has had more than enough history to fill any number of casinos with ghosts.

Visitors to the casino have reported strange sightings confirmed by the town’s official website as well as by YouTube users who have filmed strange activity on this old venue.