Monday, 2 Oct 2023

How to have good luck at the casino

Improving Your Chances of Winning at the Casino

Many casino players believe that they can make their own good luck by using various rituals or lucky charms.  There are players that have items of clothing or jewellery that they believe improve their chances of winning.  One lady even said that she eats a certain meal before playing casino games.  Other casino players first consult with their horoscopes before playing.  Lucky charms are big amongst casino players and some players will keep them hidden while others will put them out on display.  Wishing wells are known to be a popular ritual and players will toss coins into the well and wish for good luck.

There are other ways of having good luck, which do not include lucky charms or rituals.  This article will explore a few ways for casino players to improve their odds of winning.

Form a Betting Pool

A good way for casino players to improve their chances is by creating a betting pool with others.  How this works is that the pool designates a particular player for each casino game, which means the risk is smaller and the winnings are divided up after the game.  In this way players are able to enjoy playing casino games for longer increasing the chance of winning.

Play Big Win to Bet Ratios

Casino players should opt for big win to bet ratio casino games.  An example would be only picking a single number when playing Roulette, the outcome sounds good, but it will cost a lot in the end.  Poker is another example, the more players at the table the larger the winning pool and players should endeavour to keep playing long enough to increase their chances of winning the pool.


It is not always easy to win when playing casino games, but making use of some well thought out strategies such as those used in live AFL betting will help players increase their chances of winning. You can choose games that allow for strategy, and you can improve your chances of success if you play video poker, blackjack or any other game that requires more than just like. The better your sills, the greater your returns.

Take Regular Breaks

Casino players may have noticed that the casinos often do not allow players the opportunity to take a break, food and drinks will be brought to them and some casinos will cash out winnings for a player in an attempt to keep them playing.  Players who do not take regular breaks will often become irrational and that is when mistakes begin happening.  Some players have even been victims of theft because they are no longer focused on the game.  It is always a good idea to take breaks to recharge before playing.

Try a Less Experienced Dealer

Regulars to a particular casino will often recognise a dealer that is less experienced and choosing to play against these dealers may increase the chances of some good luck, as they tend to make mistakes that will take the edge off a player’s game.  This does not often happen as casinos have set rules that their dealers must stick to.

Don’t Be Fooled

Many progressive jackpots require casino players to bet higher and this is not always a good thing.  Just having a chance to win the progressive jackpot doesn’t necessarily include a good return on the investment.  If the increase is good it may be worthwhile for players to use the max bet, but most of the time players are wasting money.  A truly random progressive jackpot will payout no matter what the size of the bet and unfortunately these jackpots are not as common.