Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Most Haunted Casinos In The World

Casinos and Their “Other” Clientele

Casinos around the world are known for their high energy, both emotional and electrical. Many, many people traipse through their doors every night in the hopes of striking it rich playing real money pokies, or maybe just to have a good time. Over the years a number of those people were unlucky enough not to leave the casino alive, and we all know how high energy can fuel supernatural entities. Here are some stories of casinos and their famous ghosts, many of whom have been seen by a number of people who all swear on their lives that they are real…

Flamingo Casino – Las Vegas

The Flamingo is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas and can trace its history back to when Vegas was but a dusty strip of road in the Nevada desert. Instrumental in the establishment of the Flamingo was notorious gangster Bugsy Siegel. Bugsy was eventually shot in 1947, but is said to still hang around his most prized possession, (excuse the pun).

People have seen him both at the pool and the presidential suite late at night and more than one maid has quit her job in terror after encountering him roaming the halls.

Circus Circus – Las Vegas

Another casino in Vegas with a sinister mob connection, Circus Circus also boasts an incredibly creepy theme. The casino was built in the 1930’s but unfortunately, no hotel was ever developed nearby, leaving the gaming hall to fall more and more into debt as patrons preferred to frequent places where they could stay the night as well. Jay Sarno, the Casino’s owner turned to the mob for help and was bailed out with a hefty $23 mill US. He still ended up losing the place after being charged with tax fraud and mafia connection.

The casino still stands, and after the mafia’s cash injection, it now boasts its own on-site hotel. If you do decide to visit it, however, make sure you avoid rooms 203, 123 and 230. Screams, knocks, whispers and even ‘HELP ME’ on a number of bathroom mirrors have been reported. We can only speculate as to whether it is the souls of long gone gamblers or those poor people who crossed the mafia who still linger.

Emerald Queen Casino Hotel

This hotel isn’t situated in Vegas, but in Washington instead. The Emerald Queen Casino Hotel was built on the site of an old tuberculosis hospital. So many people died in the hospital that a crematorium had to be built in the basement just to deal with the volume of bodies.

The basement of the hotel is the same place where the long gone crematorium used to be, and it is supposedly the most active. That being said, the fourth floor of the hotel has reported woman and children crying, lights going on and off, and objects disappearing and reappearing.

Treasury Casino and Hotel

In Brisbane, an old hotel and casino have existed since the 1800’s. So well known for its haunting, that it has become a staple on the Haunted Brisbane tour. Many years before the building became a bar and casino, it housed a number of governmental offices. A man was said to have fallen from a staircase to his death in 1937. To this day, an apparition can be seen walking through the casino’s walls, which presumably weren’t there when the building was a government one. Objects in the bar move and thumps can be heard in the dead of night.