Sunday, 24 Sep 2023

Roulette Myths

Roulette Myths

Roulette is a game of chance and all casino games of this type will definitely encourage people to try and beat the system using various so-called “strategies”.

Sleeping Numbers

The roulette wheel spins at random, there is nothing controlling it and the same can be said for the roulette ball.  Picking a roulette number to bet on is all about guessing and one number is just as good as another.  Each spin of the wheel is random; the spins do not affect one another in any way.  Sleeping numbers are those numbers that have not been bet on for a while and players believe that some good luck may befall them if they pick any of the sleeping numbers.

Can Dealers Stop the Wheel?

Some roulette players are under the impression that the dealers have some kind of power to ensure that the ball stops at a certain place, but the results of legal sports betting activities or those elsewhere in the world are always unbiased- nowadays anyway.  However, this sway of influence over how the game ended may have been the case in years gone by when casinos were run by mobsters and there were some shenanigans going on which may have included wedged wheels, magnets and other devices.  These devices would influence the outcome of the spin.  Those days are past and casinos would not put their reputation on the line by doing any such thing.  It is also impossible for any dealer to influence the outcome of a spin.

Skill or Luck

New roulette players may think that they can use a strategy such as those used in blackjack or poker, but both of these games are games of skill while roulette is just pure luck.  There are many roulette tips and strategies that other players have shared online and while this may let players enjoy their roulette game much more there is no system that has been proven when it comes to influencing the outcome of a roulette spin.

Einstein once said that it is impossible for anyone to win playing roulette unless they steal money from the table. This is of course incorrect.  There are many players who have enjoyed good wins at the roulette wheel.  Players must just remember that ultimately roulette is all about luck and there is no real skill involved.  There have been reports of people who have bet thousands on just one number or colour and have been lucky to win.

Good Luck Charms

Many roulette players believe in various good luck charms, as do most casino players.  They also believe that bad events can be an omen not to play.  A good piece of advice is to never bet all of your money just because you are wearing lucky socks!  Things like a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover are not going to ensure a win.  Bad things happening like walking under a ladder or a broken mirror should not influence your decision to play roulette.

The best thing to do is to realise that no amount of good luck charms or bad luck events can in any way influence the outcome of a roulette spin.  The best strategy to follow is to manage the bankroll and learn the rules of the game.