Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Strange Places To Find Casinos

When it comes to having a casino experience, you’re likely to know of a few in your area. However, the below five are some of the most memorable and haunting options around the world.

  1. The Basement Casino

Set in the middle of Yeovil, found 40 miles north of the English Channel, the 16th century building of North Cadbury Court is home to the unique Basement Casino. This property is available for rent only, for a minimum stay of 2 nights, and is home to a full-on casino located in the basement that comes complete with roulette tables, poker tables, and a blackjack table, as well as a full-time croupier. The gorgeous building that stands today was built over a 12th century meeting hall and is set in the English countryside. With 25 bedrooms, a 1 500-acre property that includes fishing, croquet, swimming, golf, and archery, as well as a full disco dancefloor adjacent to the casino, guests here will not be short on entertainment options.

  1. X-Train Casino on the Rails

If you’re heading to Las Vegas to enjoy Sin City up close, you can work on your gambling skills on the way there by taking the X-Train, a casino on the rails, which runs between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Home to luxurious amenities and with plenty of food and beverage options for all palettes, the train runs for just under 5 hours for the trip, ensuring you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a few hands of cards, or try your luck at

  1. Minecraft Casino

While online casinos aren’t new, the location of Minecraft casino, in the online world of Minecraft may surprise some. Though not playable in this virtual setting, players are able to walk around a replica of brick and mortar casinos, with all numerous renditions of popular tables and casino games. The amount of love shown in this rendering is phenomenal, as great attention has been paid to ensure accuracy to even small detail.

  1. Haunted Casino

In Las Vegas, the haunted casino is well known to many regular gamers, and is found in Bally’s casino. Built on the remains of a casino which burnt down and claimed many lives, guests of Bally’s have since often complained as to strange spectres, inexplicable sounds or objects moving of their own volition. Whether this is due to casino owners trying to lure people to stay for the thrill of having a spectral encounter while playing real money pokies, or whether these visions are due to low lights and alcohol consumption, the haunted casino has a special place on this list due to the many claims of apparitions over the years.

  1. Smallest Travelling Casino

Possibly the smallest casino to be found anywhere, the taxi casino in London offers a full range of games and was established by Birmingham Grosvenor Casino. It has a dealer, offers drinks, and is even able to provide live coverage of sports events. It is only available to those heading to the company’s land-based casino right now, and the ride to get there is free.