Sunday, 24 Sep 2023

The Morgue Under Crown Casino

Crown Casino Morgue Myth

Crown Casino is one of Victoria’s best and most well-known land based casinos. It boasts a large gaming floor with many kinds of slots and table games and attracts huge crowds of patrons each year. Many of said patrons are on the elderly side, while others undergo other crippling experiences and it is rumored that there are quite a few of them each month who simply drop dead, from a number of causes.

The rumour began that to deal with this influx of deceased gamblers, Crown Casino installed a morgue in their basement. This morgue is connected to the casino floor via a number of hidden passages and doorways, in order for corpses to be whisked away before they have a chance to upset the still living clients.

Secret Tunnels, Really?

Secret tunnels may sound like something more out of a European Castle horror story than a modern Australian casino, but the fact remains that it has been proven in the past that Australian gambling legends often have more than a whiff of truth.

“Squizzy” Taylor was a well known Melbournian criminal kingpin with a penchant for gambling. It was rumoured that he had a number of escape tunnels constructed under Melbourne, connecting his gambling dens to nearby buildings in order for him to escape, or smuggle goods and other items in and out. Recently a tunnel was discovered in a home next to one of his so called gambling dens, proving that there was, in fact, truth to the story.

OK, But The Crown Casino?

The legend began when people started to notice the high mortality rate amongst people who went into the casino and never came out. It’s not surprising that high rollers who suddenly find themselves looking at the bad end of a dodgy bank loan opt to take the easy way out. One might say that online or mobile blackjack, with no dodgy loan shark loans, is a safer way to go about playing casino games. Couple this with the aforementioned elderly component, and you get a lot of bodies needing a place to go. No large establishment wants to be associated with lots of dead bodies, so getting rid of them instead of parading them in front of the masses seems like a good idea.

Rotating Toilet Stalls

So popular are the toilet stalls at the Crown for suicidal patrons, so it is said, that some of them even rotate for ease of disposal. Staff then take the deceased down coldly lit neon corridors to a cavernous room in the bowels of the building which is to be their final resting place.

So, is There A Morgue Or Not?

The answer to this question seems to be an unsatisfactory no. Even the casino’s priest (yes, the Crown Casino employs a Catholic priest) claims that the so called final resting place does not, in fact, exist. Neither, possibly even more disappointingly, do the rotating toilets apparently. Of course, all we have to go on is the word of Casino employees. For all we know they may have signed a nondisclosure, or have some other reason for keeping quiet about the morgue. The fact remains that until we see proof of it, it is going to have to be a case of true until proven false.