Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Weird and Wacky Gambling Superstitions

Weird and Wacky Gambling Superstitions

We’ve covered loads of different gambling superstition for different games from all over the world, but one thing we haven’t done is looked at the truly weird an wacky ones that are out there.

Wear a Phallus Around Your Neck

Wait, what? Yes you read that right! In Thailand a penis medallion or Palad Khik or ‘honourable surrogate penis’ is said to bring the wearer luck. These medallions are also said to bring the wearer good luck with women, so they can make you rich and get you the ladies while you’re at it! Fortunately, the medallions are quite small and not the size of Ron Jeremy’s famous (or infamous) member, so they can be tucked discretely under your shirt if you believe in their mystical powers.

Get Your Hands on Vulture Brains

In South Africa there are some strong beliefs in voodoo magic and in ‘muti’ and vulture brains are said to give people special powers, like the ability to predict the winning lottery umbers or a game’s results. The brains are dried and powdered then carried around in a magic bag by the believer in the hope that they will… work their magic.

Get Itchy

In America the belief that an itchy palm means money will come your way is rife, and this superstition has Native American origins. It seems that any type of itch is a good one, and some people go out of their way to make sure that they feel the required sensation on their palms as often as possible. Many also believe in the 7 year itch, and think it is a good omen!

Look for a Warm Seat

If you really want to win, then you need to get in the hot seat. Literally. Some people believe that a warm seat is a winning one, so if someone has recently evacuated their chair at the slots machine, or in a sport where you want to enjoy some of the sports betting NZ has to offer, and its still warm, grab it! Oddly enough, sniffing a seat is meant to be bad luck- so we suggest you don’t do this, not only is it unlucky, it is a bit odd too!

Feet Off

If someone puts their feet up on your chair it is considered unlucky, so this is something you need to remember! In the old Wild West if someone put their feet on your chair during a gambling session you had to challenge them to a duel, but fortunately times have changed somewhat.

Beware the Black Ace

If you drop a black Ace on the floor during a game, you need to fold and walk away. This is considered highly unlucky and those who are superstitious believe that not only does it mean bad luck at the tables, it can mean bad luck in life in general too, much like breaking a mirror.

Look out for Hunchbacks

If you see a hunchback on your way to the casino this is considered a good omen! Keep your eyes pealed though, as these days, hunchbacks are not that common!