Sunday, 24 Sep 2023

Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Sports Betting Superstitions

Sports Betting Superstitions

Owing to the amount of luck involved in placing a successful sports bet, it’s no wonder that many punters have many weird, wonderful, and bizarre sports betting superstitions. If you’ve ever visited the racetrack, a live sporting event, or a TAB outlet, you’ve most likely come across punters which practise strange rituals ahead of placing their bets, or do something as simple as wear the same lucky shirt or socks every time. Here we have rounded up some of the best rituals or betting superstitions we’ve come across. Perhaps you have some wacky sports betting superstitions of your own which you can add to the list below!

Wearing Red Underwear

According to legend, the Chinese consider the colour red to be a representation of good fortune and joy. In keeping to this legend, it is said that if you want to have success with sports betting that you should wear red clothes, or better yet red underwear, while gambling to greatly increase your chances of success.

The Well-Known Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

As unsavoury as it may seem, carrying a rabbit’s foot is a common practise amongst many punters and millions of rabbits feet are sold annually all over the world. In many African tribes the rabbit is considered a symbol of fertility and fortune, and possessing this furry appendage will apparently increase your chances of sports betting success.

13: The Unluckiest Number of the All

The superstitions associated with the number 13 are not new and this superstition is so well-known and widely believed that many buildings will not have a demarcated 13th floor, preferring to jump from 12 to 14 instead. Perhaps it is all hocus pocus, but the fear surrounding the number 13 is so prevalent that the medical community named this phobia Triskaidekaphobia. Needless to say, most punters give the number 13 an extremely wide berth. Let’s hope your favourite to win is never given the number 13 in greyhound racing betting!

No Sex Before Sports Betting

We have to doubt whether most punters would turn down sex in order to have better luck with sports betting, but this is apparently a universally known fact. The thinking behind this superstition is that in order for you to have better luck with sports betting, you have to refrain from getting lucky the night before, or the day of placing any bets.

Never Count Money During Sports Betting

This superstition is apparently owed to some bloke in the old Wild West who stated that if you count your money while gambling you’ll be sure to be going home without any of the cash you just counted. This gambling superstition has found its way into the suspicious mind of sports bettors too, and many will never count their money while placing bets, preferring to give the cash to the teller and receiving change instead. However, this would be the perfect opportunity for the teller to skim a bit from the change!

More Literal Interpretation of the Colour Red

Remember when we spoke about the Chinese loving the colour red in believing its mythical powers to bring good fortune and joy? Well, brace yourselves, as the same nation behind you wearing your red undies on match day also believe that if a women is menstruating while participating in sports betting, she will be particularly lucky.

We are definitely putting this last superstition in the bizarre column!