Saturday, 24 Jul 2021
UFC Myths & Urban Legends

Outlandish UFC Myths and Urban Legends

The UFC is a secretive organisation with a somewhat shady past which is the perfect breeding ground for urban legends and myths to flourish. Mixed Martian Arts (MMA) promoters are generally ‘colourful’ characters to put it mildly, either with histories associated with organised crime or professional boxing, and the fighters themselves often exhibit bizarre behaviour […]

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Sports Betting Superstitions

Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Sports Betting Superstitions

Owing to the amount of luck involved in placing a successful sports bet, it’s no wonder that many punters have many weird, wonderful, and bizarre sports betting superstitions. If you’ve ever visited the racetrack, a live sporting event, or a TAB outlet, you’ve most likely come across punters which practise strange rituals ahead of placing […]

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Common Lucky Items

The Most Common Lucky Items

There are various types of gambling superstitions, ranging from the silly and harmless, all the way through to the strange and unusual. Regardless of what form a gambling superstition takes, however, all are more or less aimed at the same basic thing; having good luck in a favourite casino game, or in bet making. Whatever […]

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Crown Casino Morgue Myth

The Morgue Under Crown Casino

Crown Casino is one of Victoria’s best and most well-known land based casinos. It boasts a large gaming floor with many kinds of slots and table games and attracts huge crowds of patrons each year. Many of said patrons are on the elderly side, while others undergo other crippling experiences and it is rumored that […]

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How to have good luck at the casino

Improving Your Chances of Winning at the Casino Many casino players believe that they can make their own good luck by using various rituals or lucky charms.  There are players that have items of clothing or jewellery that they believe improve their chances of winning.  One lady even said that she eats a certain meal […]

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The Haka

If you watch rugby at all, you’ve certainly seen the All Blacks haka. And you probably also know that it comes from a traditional Maori war dance. It was a dance performed by Maori people before battles in front of their enemies, as a way to intimidate them with their strength and prowess. If you […]

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The Ancient Olympic Games

Most people know a little of the olympic games history: specifically, that they originated in ancient Greece. Many of the sports included today, such as the javelin and discuss throw, were performed in Olympia thousands of years ago. Other sports included pankration, a form of martial art combining wrestling and boxing, and chariot racing. The […]

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Gambling Superstitions

It is often said that gamblers are some of the most superstitious people out there – because they will do anything to improve their luck. There are gambling superstitions all over the world. Here are 10 of the most popular. Lucky Charm Everyone knows about lucky charms. Carrying or wearing one, such as lucky clothes […]

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Sports Myths

Being able to tell a superstition myth when you see one will help you make clearer decisions when it comes to online sports betting. So don’t be afraid to bust those sports myths! Here are ten of the most widely believed myths of sports history. Gladiators Fought To The Death Lets start with one of […]

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