Wednesday, 13 Jan 2021
Category: Sports History

Famous Athletes From The Ancient World

Famous Athletes From The Ancient World When we look at the sports of today, it’s not hard to find an athlete that hasn’t become world-famous. In an age where globalisation allows us to follow the news on every sport that takes place on any given day, it’s no surprise that there plenty of sports stars […]

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A Brief Timeline of Soccer History

A Brief Timeline of Soccer History Even though soccer is the most played and most watched sport in the world, there is no precise time and place that can be pinpointed as it’s exact origins. Judging by the timeline below, it would seem that soccer developed through the ages based on the games local people […]

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A Brief History of Tennis

A Brief History of Tennis from Jeu de Paume To Today Dating as far back as the 12th century, tennis evolved from the game of jeu de paume which was played by many ancient civilisations including the Greeks and Romans. With bare hands, players would hit the ball to one another, and rackets were only […]

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Ridiculous Sports Myths People Actually Believe

Ridiculous Sports Myths People Actually Believe From Greek and Roman Gods, to stories of shootouts in the Wild West, there are many stories that have been carried through the ages passed off as truth, when in fact they are just myths and legends. However, this doesn’t stop many people from believing them. Myths hold a […]

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A Brief History of Boxing

The History of Boxing This epic and often brutal one on one sport is often considered the most male sport you can get (never mind that a large amount of females boxers are making inroads into this sport in the modern age). With the earliest known representation of boxing shown on a Sumerian relief from […]

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A Definitive History of Basketball

The game of basketball was invented in 1891 by Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith as a less injury-prone alternative to football, in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the United States. The original game was played using peach baskets and a soccer style ball and only had 13 rules which were to abided by at all times. […]

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The History of Rugby

Origins of The Game of Rugby There are hundreds, if not thousands of different sports that are played around the world. The range of games includes something small involving just two people, to large team-based sports that can encompass dozens of players at once. Despite all these sports being played across the world, there are […]

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The History Of Modern Sports

Sport in The Modern World Sport is a massive part of today’s world, with billions of fans all over the world, dozens of different games, and massive sporting events that take place almost every year. Sport has always been an important part of human culture, and can be traced back to the dawn of civilisations, […]

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Jousting in the Middle Ages

The History of Sport Through the Ages

The origins of history of sport may extend as far back as the beginning of military training when competitions were used as a means to determine whether individuals were fit for training and service, and there is evidence that team sports may have been developed to encourage working together as team in battle. However, the […]

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Aboriginal Football

Did AFL Originate from Aboriginal Football?

Most of you are probably under the impression that Australian football came from the well-known tale of the sporting hero, Tom Wills, who created a combination of British games intended to allow players to maintain their high levels of fitness out of season. However, recently there has been an alternative theory that suggests that the […]

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