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Online Gambling: Biggest Pokies Wins

Online Gambling: Biggest Pokies Wins

Spinning the reels of your top pokies pick must have had you thinking -at least once, if not every time- that maybe this game would be the one to reward you with a life-changing win.

Thanks to pokies being based purely on luck, unlike casino games like real money blackjack, which require a little more strategy and know-how from the player, the biggest windfalls from online pokies games happen purely by chance. This article outlines the biggest pokies wins in the history of online gambling.

  1. Mega Moolah = Mega Bucks

Mega Moolah is the most popular Progressive Jackpot pokies game in the world. This Microgaming title is also an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, and Jon Heywood is the lucky player to have received the world’s biggest prize. This lucky Brit managed to take home the extraordinary total of €17,879,645 on October 6th, 2015, after playing the game at Betway Casino Online.

Heywood was a 26-year old soldier when he received this prize, and stated that he would be spending a large part of it to assist his family in settling outstanding medical bills. His treat for himself? A luxury car, a Bentley Continental GT!

  1. 25 Garners Over 17 Million

It doesn’t get much luckier than a .25 bet being the reason you receive €17,861,800! This is exactly what happened at Paf Casino on January 20, 2013, thanks to the NetEnt Mega Fortune pokies game. The lucky winner reported that the experience was a totally surreal one, and had him laughing and crying at the same time.

Similarly, to Heywood, the anonymous winner revealed that he would be helping his relatives and investing in a better car with his new fortune. The irony of the win was that, before this enormous prize, the player reported that he usually favoured online poker games, not pokies!

  1. Sleepless but All the Richer

It doesn’t get much worse than being desperately tired and not being able to sleep, but this was certainly not the case for a Norwegian player who was up all night in September 2011. On the 24th of that month he was reenergised thanks to a lucky spin on the NetEnt Mega Fortune pokies title that saw him cashing out a staggering €11,736,375!

Although it is certain that the anonymous player won’t be having any more sleepless nights due to worrying about money, he did report that the shock of the win kept him up until 6am the next morning. Huw Thomas, the head of Betsson Casino, where the win occurred, was as astonished, and delighted that his casino was going to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

  1. A New Member of the Hall of Gods

In November 2012, an anonymous Swedish woman opted to spin the reels of NetEnt’s Hall of Gods. She won €7.6 million as a result, and marked the biggest win at an online casino up to that moment! She revealed that she intended to use her prize to pay off her house and loans, to travel, and to purchase a new car.