Sunday, 1 Oct 2023

Greatest Sports History & Gambling Myths

Are you interested in legends of sport? Want to sit around the sports campfire and hear stories and myths of sport of the past? Would you like to be able to distinguish the real sports history from the myths? You’ve come to the right place. This is a website dedicated to the history, legends and myths of sports and casinos. Whether you’re a history buff, into tall tales or just a sports fanatic, this is the place for you.

We look at sports myths and legends and the history of sport from all over the world, but keep the main focus on Australia and New Zealand. Gotta show that down under pride! And besides, our sports legends are just the most legendary. So welcome to your go to website for all the truths, falsehoods, and unexpected truths and falsehoods of sports history. Some of them might just surprise you!

Sports Myths

Competitive spectator sports have been around for a very long time. This has meant a great deal of time for legends to be built around certain subjects, and for people to tell many stories about great moments in sport. The problem is, a lot of these stories just aren’t true. Sometimes, people deliberately tell tall tales.

Other times, something with a grain of truth gets blown out of proportion and many untrue things added with the continuous retellings. And sometimes, we just have no idea why a particular story came about.

Either way, we’re here to separate fact from fiction, and bust the most widely believed sports myths. You might think you know a lot about the history of sport, but it could turn out that a lot of that knowledge is actually just myths and legends. But that’s why we’re here – to bust those myths so you can be the sports history know-it-all and impress all your friends.

Sports History

Not all stories about sports history are myths! The history of sport is a massive and broad subject. And there’s so many fascinating things to find out when diving into the hallowed halls of sports over the years. So come with us for tantalising tidbits, fascinating facts and interesting analyses about sports over the years. Just like you might be surprised that some sports history ‘facts’ are actually myths, you might also be surprised at some of the sports stories that are actually true.

It’s not fun to just be a know-it-all of things that aren’t true, bursting everybody’s bubbles – there is still wonder to be found in the world of sports history.

Stay Tuned…

Stay tuned for consistent content about AFL odds, legends of sport, gambling superstitions mythbusting and delving into the history of sport. There’s nowhere we won’t go! There are fascinating myths and history of sport from all over the world.

There are always more juicy tidbits to read for when you need to get your sports history fix. So come with us while we make our way through the jungle sports legends, and separate what’s real from what’s not.